Best interview with an eastern European who has been interviewed by several western journalists

Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello

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When Eugene Hutz, the Ukrainian frontman for gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello, called

Boise Weekly

, he was in the midst of a tour in support of the band's new release, Super Taranta, had become the muse for an entire Versace collection and starred in Madonna's directorial debut.


was certainly not the first publication to ask for an interview and wasn't even Hutz's first--or last--interview that day. The high-energy Eastern European was not shy about letting our A&E editor know when he thought she was wrong about an interpretation of his music or if she asked a question he'd been asked a hundred times before. He dropped f-bombs like those little poppers kids get on the Fourth of July, and made her laugh (albeit a bit nervously at times) throughout.
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