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Cope calling BW Staff drunken sluts

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Man, we know writers are sensitive. And our infamous columnist Bill Cope is a fine, fine model of the scribbling species. But boy, you give a guy a little editing and what do you get in return? A Cope-ious amount of spleen, that's what:

"So Thursday morning, I call down to the Boise Weekly office, hoping to find someone who wasn't drunk, out screwing around, or both, and asked, 'What the hell happened to my sidebar?' See, I just naturally figured they'd lost it under a pile of pornography or behind a case of whiskey or something. You know how those newspaper people are."

OK, part of it is true; when Cope wrote a long feature about religion, we neglected to run a small sidebar, a companion article about books on progressive religion. And man, did we ever hear about that. But then, in true Copely fashion, he relented. Then apologized.

He still talks about it, seeking some form of redemption. Cope, all is forgiven. Can we get back to our drinking and sleeping around now?

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