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Ikon Tattoo above Red Room

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Anyone who has ever gotten a tattoo will tell you that you shouldn't drink before getting inked because booze thins your blood, therefore you'll bleed more. That may be more myth than truth, but most people heed that advice. But what about drinking after? After holding still for what feels like an eternity while you get a big pink and purple butterfly permanently etched above your ass crack, you'll want--nay, you'll need--to treat yourself with a shot of something. Enter Red Room and Ikon Tattoo. The former is downstairs from the latter so you won't have to go far. Plus the Red Room's bartenders sport some of the best ink in town, so you can even show off your new tattoo to someone who will appreciate it. Plus if you ask artists Erik or Jordan to tattoo your boyfriend's name in giant Old English lettering across your bicep, you'll have regrets by the time you get to the bottom of the stairs and will really need a stiff one. Drink, that is.

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