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Jim Tibbs: "What makes Boise so great is its surrounding communities."

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OK, let's get this straight. You're running for mayor. Of Boise. Not Meridian. Not Eagle. Not Kuna. Boise. Just a hint here, you should probably focus on the city you're hoping to lead, not the surrounding ones.

Not to take anything from lovely communities surrounding Boise, in fact some of us here at BW grew up in them. But just as our coverage is usually limited to the restraints of the city from which we got the name of our publication, so too should Boise mayoral candidates limit their scope of influence.

We know Jim Tibbs is trying to set himself apart from his competition—incumbent Mayor Dave Bieter—who has occasionally raised the hackles of neighboring community leaders. But seriously, there's got to be something good you can say about the capital city rather than playing the shell game and diverting attention away from it.

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