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Northwest Science Museum

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In the teaser photos for the Northwest Science Museum, a skeletal tyrannosaurus rex is perched on the building's glass-and-white-concrete edifice while a full-size replica of Noah's Ark looms in the background. In other words, this isn't your typical "science" museum. According to NSM's mission statement, the completed facility would be vast--300,000 square feet--and contain several exhibit wings, a cafe and a gift shop. The museum's vision center is more modest, with an assortment of exhibits designed to cast doubt on so-called "old-Earth, naturalistic science" (read: evolution) while holding up evidence for the so-called young-Earth movement (read: creationism). These include impossible-to-verify Peruvian burial stones depicting interactions between humans and dinosaurs, and a life-size plaster cast of a mastodon skull. Despite the derision the idea of a creationism museum attracted on social media and comment threads, the museum has its fans, and the vision center is rarely empty during open hours.

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