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The idea that for one ticket price, a person can see a bunch of bands is very appealing ... in theory. What tarnishes the gild on summertime music is the over-abundance of festivals and benefits during the year's hottest months. Some great events happen each summer, and it would be highly disappointing if they were no more. And without some of the new festivals happening, the season might get stale. But maybe some of these festival organizers could get together and instead of holding nine events with five acts each, join forces and put on a real festival. As show-goers, our discretionary entertainment dollars can only be stretched so far. We'd be happy to pay $40 bucks to see a plethora of performers especially if you offer us a big name or someone we know and love; we're bummed when you want $25 of our hard-earned ones to see a handful of people we've never heard of. Add all of this up, and by the end of summer it's annoying to look back at how many summer, music festivals were held and wonder why some of them happened at all.

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