Best I Have No Idea Where to Find a Gift For Someone I Love/Lust After/Barely Know/Work With/Have Been Friends With For 20 Years

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The belief that "it's the thought that counts" has given excuse to millions of givers of cheap, poorly made, ugly, shocking, embarrassing, ill-fitting, inappropriate gifts for years. Maybe you don't have much money, time or even taste but if you're going to go to the trouble of getting someone a gift, the least you can do is go someplace like the Boise Art Museum gift shop, where no matter what you pick out, the recipient will assume you gave the act of gift-giving some thought. A small but thoughtful array of exhibit-related, pop-culture, kid-friendly, educational and simply beautiful items line the shelves and tables of the little store, and even if you walked in with your eyes closed and picked something up, chances are that the person getting it will think you have money, time and taste.

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