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Big Jud's

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The best thing about Big Jud's is that when your burger arrives, the hot stuff is hot and the cold stuff is cold. No wilted lettuce, no lukewarm tomato slices, no solidified melted cheese. Nope: ice-cold veggies, piping hot meat and cheese. The second-best thing about Big Jud's is the giant-ass side of tater tots. You can say you won't eat them all, but we know the truth. The third-best thing about Big Jud's is the hand-dipped, rich and delicious ice cream. The fourth-best thing about Big Jud's is the Big Jud--a manly sized 1-pound burger. The fifth-best things about Big Jud's ... (we can do this all day). 1289 Protest Road, Boise, 208-343-4439,

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