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Boise Classic Movies and Idaho Botanical Garden's Summer Movie Series

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When was the last time you saw The Godfather on the big screen? Or how about The Goonies? You were a little less gray and a few pounds lighter, right? Or maybe you weren't even a gleam in your mother's eye when Marlon Brando raised his eyebrows and said matter-of-factly, "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse," for the first time on the big screen. Well, thanks to a few good folks, it is once again possible to enjoy some of Hollywood's best--or in some cases, most notorious--work with a crowd of people mesmerized by the big screen. Idaho Botanical Garden's movie series brought the likes of The Goonies and Hairspray to the outdoors this summer, while Boise Classic Movies launched at the Egyptian Theatre with movies, like The Big Lebowski, chosen by the people every month. Bravo, it's been an offer we can't refuse.,

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