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So BW held its second annual Bikes and Beer Alley Cat Race this past July and it was fun. Yep, we're gloating about our own event. Thing is, it would really suck without the peeps at Northstar Cycle Courier. In fact, alley cat races in Boise wouldn't just suck without Northstar, they'd be downright nonexistent, seeing as how these things (kick-ass little get-togethers during which bike messengers and their crews simulate the rigors of messengering in a race format, often with everyone's friend, "Beer," factoring in somehow) are their deals in Boise. If you're more into a crowd with tattoos and fixed-gear machines rather than one sporting matching spandex outfits and corporate sponsorship logos, the alley cat is definitely a bike race that's more your speed. We dig 'em.

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