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Meridian's Light Foot Militia

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Ever wanted to join the military but the tests were too hard? Did you do your service (or get discharged) and life just doesn't make sense without a gun in your hands? Never grow out of playing "Army guys" as a kid? Uncle Jack Wants You. That's right, led by 86-year-old interim "Commander" Jack Stuart, Meridian is now home to a chapter of the so-called Light Foot Militia--a paramilitary group of guys who spend way too much money at the Army-Navy store and way too much time on the Internet reading about how "it's all gonna go down."

Friendly offers by the Light Feet to liaise with local law enforcement have been met with polite silence, but their offer, according to the unit's inaugural press release, sent out in June, "to assist to protect the lives and property of Ada County citizens with highly dedicated, disciplined and trained personnel," still stands. Because, you know, if an earthquake or geothermal explosion ever threatens the good people of the Treasure Valley, they'll be looking to the local machine-gun hobbyists for help. Militias: Not just for North Idaho anymore.

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