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Amy Pence-Brown at Boise Art Museum

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Every three years the Boise Art Museum's Idaho Triennial showcases some of the best art by some of the best artists living and working in Idaho. Submissions come in by the hundreds, and jurying is usually done—from slides—by a panel of judges who are often not Idahoans themselves.

For the 2007 Triennial, Amy Pence-Brown, assistant curator at Boise Art Museum, decided to do things a bit differently. She winnowed the submissions from artists all across Idaho down to 71 artists. And then, over the course of six weeks, she visited each and every one of them in their studios, seeing them and their work in person. After her arduous trip, she had an even more difficult task at hand: choosing the work that would become the exhibit.

In the end, she chose 75 exuberant pieces by 25 artists whose work includes paintings, sculpture and installations. It's an amazing array of not only what Idaho artists are capable of, but of one woman's artistic vision.

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