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The Melvins At Neurolux

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It seems like every September metal godfathers King Buzzo, Dale Crover and a rotating cast of third or fourth players roll into the packed Neurolux. The band has stayed remarkably steady, both in aesthetic and venue, for nearly a decade, after years in which fans had to stay on their toes to see where the band would pop up next. Since the mid-aughts, they've taken the form of a heavy drum corps of sorts, with two sweaty shirtless drummers to go along with plenty of harmonic vocalizing and chanting--just the latest identity shift of dozens in the band's hyper-transformative 25-year lifespan. September 2010's pounding, classic-heavy show was one of the best in recent memory, but this year, the band is in Europe and we're far off the radar. To 99 percent of the population, that means nothing. To the others, it's a cultural tragedy, the local equivalent of 2011 without Mad Men.

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