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Legislature says "yes" to state-run health insurance exchange

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Love it or loathe it, it's the law. And as our Best of Boise issue was going to press, only a handful of days remained before Idaho throws the switch on its own state-managed health insurance exchange, after one of the most emotional debates at the Statehouse.

In February, a six-hour debate consumed the Idaho Senate, with Montpelier Republican Sen. John Tippets saying, "To ignore the laws of this nation would be to start down the road to anarchy." Not to be out-blustered, the Idaho House countered with its own seven-hour debate, with Boise Rep. Lynn Luker comparing a state-run health care exchange to a "tar baby," while his GOP colleague Challis Rep. Lenore Barett said the Legislature was "the only body politic on the planet that will kill a horse in order to have a horse to beat."

In one of the most controversial votes in recent memory, both the House and Senate approved the state-run exchange, and reality will settle in Tuesday, Oct. 1.

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