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Wolves vs. the Endangered Species List

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Last year in BW's Spuds and Duds, we threw up the white flag when it came to the status of wolves in Idaho: They were on the Endangered Species List, they were off the list, wait, they were back on and then off again, then on and, hell, we give up. Between the court cases and the scientific studies, keeping track of what's going on is more challenging that figuring out the appeal of reality television. Then, just as Idaho was gearing up for its second wolf hunting season, some members of Congress took it upon themselves to push to have wolves taken off the endangered list once and for all. Of course, Congress, trying to strong-arm a decision process that's already so muddled it's hard to tell just what's going on, has only made things murkier. Thanks Congress, we're glad you didn't have anything more pressing on your agendas.

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