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Idaho State Police Alcohol and Beverage Control vs. Downtown Boise Bars

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It's a relationship that coined a new term—Bikinigate.

It will also go down as the best undercover assignment a cop could ever ask for. The boys of ABC spent months holed-up in some of the finest "gentleman's clubs" in the valley, jotting down notes about inappropriate goings-on in between lap dances. Apparently, what went on in the Kit Kat Klub was a decades-old mystery. Whew, good thing that one's solved.

The result of the diligent investigation were threats to revoke the liquor licenses of eight establishments, including The Big Easy, which hosted a male revue one night.

Add this to a previous shutdown of wine service in galleries on First Thursdays and an all-out attack on The Flicks for serving wine and beer in a place open to minors (seriously, isn't that what happens in nearly every restaurant ...), and it's an old-fashioned feud.

Tensions have eased a bit in recent months, but we're just waiting for the next blowup. Maybe this time it will be a sting on bloody mary brunches or a SWAT attack on Oktoberfest.

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