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Gas stations and grocery stores now offer growlers

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Boiseans may never go thirsty again. Amid the big beer boom of recent years--in which upwards of a dozen breweries have opened across the Treasure Valley--is the growth of places you can fill your growler. For the uninitiated, a growler is a container (usually a 64-ounce brown glass jug) that you fill with beer. In the olden days, you could only get your growler topped off at a brewery taproom, certain bars and/or select beer stores like PreFunk, Bier:Thirty, Brewer's Haven, Brewforia and others. Apparently, that wasn't enough. This summer, Albertsons announced it was getting into the growler game by installing a spiffy filling station at its 36th and State Street location. The same technology--from aptly named California company The Growler Station--has also popped up at the Columbia Village Albertsons and (to date) four gas stations in the city: the North End Chevron, the 13th Street Stinker, the Jacksons on West State Street and M&W Market on Warm Springs Avenue. The Middleton Road Gem Stop in Nampa is similarly equipped, as are three Fast Eddys in Meridian: Ustick, Ten Mile and Locust Grove. Rest easy, Boise, you're never far from a growler fill.

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