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City Center Plaza project breaks ground

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The Grove, with its shady brick avenue and burbling fountain, is the heart of downtown Boise. From Alive After Five to the city Christmas Tree Lighting, odds are if you live in Boise you'll schlep through the Grove at some point in the year. Beloved as it is, it's changing in a big way. Marshalling the forces of Boise's most powerful movers and shakers, ground broke this summer on the $45 million, 370,000-square-foot City Center Plaza project, which comes complete with an $11.9 million, 55,000-square foot underground bus station. Whoa. The City Center building will house offices for Clearwater Analytics, shops and restaurants, as well as expanded convention space. The project hasn't been without snags: First, crews digging in the Grove struck gasoline left over from former service stations and, in late summer, news broke that part of the financing deal violated rules in the Idaho Constitution about how much debt public entities can incur without a vote of the people. It's unclear how that will shake out, but, in the meantime, the Grove of yore is no more.

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