Best Grilled Cheese Appetizer

Panzanella at Red Feather

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We're not talking sandwiches here. We're talking cheese that's been grilled. Yeah, just put that in your sautee pan and think about it for a minute. Red Feather Lounge's Panzanella appetizer could also double as "Best Squeaky Cheese App." Red Feather takes Cypriot halloumi cheese from Gooding's Ballard Family Dairy and Cheese and stacks it on crostini with tomatoes, kalamata olives and new basil. The thing is, halloumi cheese's melting point is so high, that a skilled chef can throw a slice on the grill, heat it up and add a nice smoky charred flavor to the subtle cheese. Pair it with some heirlooms, fresh herbs and the pungent flavor of kalamatas, and what you have is Boise's best grilled-cheese app.

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