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Re-release of Barry 'Konrad' Konarik's album Evil

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Though not a native, Barry "Konrad" Konarik has lived in the Boise area for years. He's a familiar face to longtime employees at The Record Exchange, not only because he loves to listen to music but because he loves to make it, too: In the early '80s, while still living in Brooklyn, N.Y., Konrad wrote, recorded and played every instrument on what would be his magnum opus: EVIL. Though it never saw mainstream success, EVIL earned Konrad a loyal cult following, and copies of the album found in estate sales and second-hand stores fetched as much as $300. One of EVIL's most avid supporters happens to own a small record label that specializes in bringing obscure, near-extinct vinyl releases back to life, and a new pressing and new distributor put EVIL back on shelves (now, both physical and electronic). In an accompanying mini-documentary, the musician with the gift of gab shares his thoughts about the making of EVIL, extraterrestrials, Jim Morrison and scientific theories. Intrigued, Boise Weekly sat down with Konrad and after a few hours (in which he did most of the talking), we, too, became fans--or as Konrad says, "konverts."

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