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The great recession led to a rise in demand for low-cost comfort food. That of-the-people ethos also inspired scrappy young chefs without a ton of startup capital to begin showcasing their skills in less traditional locales. First came food trucks and then up popped pop-up restaurants--where cooks whip up multi-course meals in off-the-beaten-path places for an audience of adventurous gastronomes. Thankfully, Boise hasn't turned a blind eye to the pop-up phenom. From St. Lawrence Gridiron's Beast and Bourbon pop-up dinner at Pengilly's Saloon to Valentines Dinner by Archie's Place's at Payette Brewing Co., pop-up dinners allow chefs to try out more adventurous fare on a captive crowd. Not to mention, these dinners--which often feature three to four courses with booze pairings--can be a heckuva deal. No wonder they're so pop-ular.

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