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Fish Aquariums and Stuff is locally owned and offers all things fishy, including saltwater and fresh selections. The store has recently expanded to include different sections for marine and freshwater. Most hobbyists are one or the other: salt or fresh, so it seems natural to keep the proper separation of types of fish and tanks. The wide variety of coral is beautiful, and the stock of healthy fish slither alluringly, tempting the looker to take them home.

One of the top rules of aquarium owners is to practice patience. Owners Bill and Judy Knight have been avid hobbyists for many years, and Bill has fielded his fair share of phone calls from panicky customers who just want someone to care. The staff on hand are quick to lend an empathetic ear to tales of triumph or woe and are able to offer helpful advice on the right lights, filters and compatibility of species. Maybe you have a fish that you bought on impulse, and it isn't working out in the tank? Slap it in a suitable container and haul it in to Fish Aquariums and Stuff. They may not offer store credit, but at least the fish will find the right tank to swim in.

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