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For months after the Visual Arts Collective vacated its space in the Linen District, we waited impatiently for it to reopen. Month after month, owners Anneliessa Balk-Stimpert, Sam Stimpert and their business partner Steve Fulton faced unexpected construction costs, city code compliance problems and more. By the time they did open, we wondered if it would be too late; maybe people would have forgotten about them or would be unwilling to drive out to Garden City to patronize VAC. Boy were we wrong. Since they opened last fall they have held a number of events that we would have been willing to travel even farther to see: Finn Riggins, System and Station, Matt Hopper and the Roman Candles, The David Andrews Band, the Hi-Tops reunion and more have all graced the place with their musical stylings. Artists Matt Bodett, Erin Ruiz, Paste Eater and Sue Latta have all shown their artistic skills at VAC and Mat Thompson's annual Rhetoric Style B-Boy competition made VAC completely street (for a night at least).

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