Best Filled Hole

Boise Hole becomes Zion's Bank

Staff Pick

We've come to depend on the perpetual mother lode of jokes yielded by the gaping hole in the middle of downtown Boise. For more than two decades, we could count on the Boise Hole to be a well of financial scandal, public exasperation and city embarrassment. At this very paper, we've dedicated hours to coming up with ways to fill the hole. But with a massive glass and steel tower now filling what used to be empty skyline, we're left feeling a little nostalgic. Sure, it's a safe bet that we'll find other sources for sarcastic humor but after so long, it's kind of like saying goodbye to an old friend. So, adieu, Boise Hole. We won't soon forget your rusted-iron-studded maw or the years of amusement it brought us.

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