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Garden City

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Garden City has always been Boise's red-headed stepchild, but the wild one is finally becoming more socially acceptable. Gone are the strip clubs, adult bookstores and seedy bars. OK, there are still a few seedy bars, but there's just one bookstore.

The little city has washed its face, put on a new dress and prettied itself up with a new arts and cultural district, high-end housing development and grand plans for a shiny new downtown.

No other area in the Treasure Valley has the combo of run-down trailer parks and junkyards next door to new homes and business parks. While most people think "meth lab" when they think Garden City, the reality is that the town is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the valley.

But just like Courtney Love, no matter how you dress her up, there's still a little bit of the bad girl just under the surface. Again, we come back to that one little adult bookshop ... And there's that high concentration of registered sex offenders and that unusually high number of abandoned cars. But, hey, we still love it, no matter how many stints in rehab it does.

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