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Trader Joe's

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We are fully aware that Trader Joe's is not local but since earlier this summer, Boise Weekly has had a front-row seat to the chaos of excited and curious people flocking to the grocer. We did not anticipate becoming flockers ourselves. Within a matter of weeks, we had tried Trader Joe's strawberry licorice, mochi, prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella, dolmades and praline pecans. Each BW staffer seems to have his or her favorite TJ's treat. Editor-in-Chief, Zach Hagadone digs the microwavable Indian food. Staff writer Harrison Berry has dropped more than a few bucks on chocolate-covered pretzels and Associate Editor Amy Atkins can't resist the roasted seaweed snack. If TJ's would let us open a tab and bill us monthly, we would greatly appreciate it. Until then, we'll continue making field trips across the street to our own personal pantry. We need the exercise anyway.

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