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Idaho Labor Department hit with lawsuit over employment discrimination

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A man identified as a prime candidate for the position of administrator of the Idaho Human Rights Commission was himself the alleged victim of discrimination by none other than Labor Department director Ken Edmunds. "He made me feel like I was less than a person," Dew said, referring to Edmunds' alleged questioning of his disability—an epileptic seizure disorder—and whether it would limit his ability to work a 40-hour week. Additionally, Dew learned how at the time of his interview with Edmunds, Parks had referenced Dew's sexual orientation. In May, the alleged victim filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming unlawful discrimination and that Edmunds had violated the Civil Rights Act and Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Concurrently, a separate lawsuit was filed in Idaho court,demanding a jury trial in the matter.
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