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Boise Towne Square, Thanksgiving Opening

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Last Thanksgiving, we were left shaking our heads at the complete and utter loss of the actual meaning of the holiday season. Rather than spend the day with their friends and families, roughly 3,000 people lined up outside the Boise Towne Square mall, toughing out bitterly cold temperatures for the chance to be one of the first through the door of the mall's inaugural 1 a.m. opening. There were fights, the parking lot was trashed, and when the double doors finally swung open, some shoppers desperate to get a limited number of gift bags let nothing stand in their way--including other shoppers who were being crushed in the door. In fact, the onslaught was so great that one of the large glass doors was taken off its hinges. We know early day-after-Thanksgiving openings have become a holiday shopping tradition, so much so it has its own name--Black Friday--but, seriously, when we start foregoing our own families for an extra 10 percent off the price of a sweater, maybe it's time to start rethinking our priorities.

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