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Rep. Phil Hart

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So many names came to mind for this category, we had to write them each on a slip of paper, throw them in a hat and draw randomly. Athol Rep. Phil Hart won the dubious honor. Hart has been busy since his last Best of Boise appearance in September 2010. In November, he was booted from the House Revenue and Taxation Committee after an ethics committee voted to do so unanimously in response to charges that Hart had a bit of an issue paying his taxes for years at a time, having a cool $1 million racked up in back taxes and penalties. And then in February, Hart struck a deal to leave the House Transportation Committee in exchange for those same ethics complaints to be dropped. Why is this guy still in office, you might ask, since he clearly has so little respect for the IRS? Because, in their infinite wisdom, Idaho voters re-elected the Athol to a fourth term last year. Props, voters. Mad props.

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