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Illegal Foothills Trail Building

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Are the developed trail systems in Boise just not challenging enough for you? Or maybe they lack the thrill and excitement you crave. Seriously bro, sometimes you've just gotta huck yourself off one epic sick-gnar jump.

Fear not, there is a perfect solution—something that combines the thrill of covert operations with the rush of senseless, wanton destruction. Just sneak out under the cover of darkness, shovel and pick in hand, and carve your own jump out of the Boise Foothills. Yeah, baby! All you have to do is pick a hill and hack into the turf and, voila, instant jump. It's a bigger rush than getting a barbed-wire armband tattoo. The hills are just sitting there all covered in grass and weeds, begging to be molded into something more...useful. Why shouldn't it be you to give this landscape its purpose?

Sure, cutting into a hillside and removing the vegetation causes major erosion, but why should you care? You're just being extreme, man. Those bare gouges across the hillside aren't unsightly blights, they're battle scars, dude.

Sure, hikers and dog-walkers will probably yell at you as you hurtle past them, screaming in wild abandon while they dive for cover. Don't worry, they just don't get it. You're way too edgy for them. Or, just too darn stupid.

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