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Big City Coffee's Day-Old Baskets

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While there are some of us who wouldn't think twice about eating a chocolate chip cookie that has been languishing on top of paperclips, sticky notes and pencil shavings in our desk drawer for a week (don't judge--journalists can't afford to throw food away), the good people at Big City think that once pastries have been sitting in the display case for a day, they no longer warrant their already reasonable $2 or $3 price tag. When they turn 24 hours old, they celebrate their birthday by getting tucked into white paper bags, given reduced prices and jumbled into a couple of wire baskets like candy in a pillowcase at Halloween. The basket always has healthier options like pumpkin or chai muffins, but often a dense, heavy cherry pie scone or giant, thick square of a Hello Dolly bar is hidden among them. At about $1.50, pair one with a cup of Big City's signature Big Titty java and for less than $5 bucks, you walk away with a delectable treat (and a caffeine/sugar high that should last for hours).

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