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Listen up, all you South Beach-Atkins-Weight Watchers-Jenny Craig-eternally dieting and hungry people. Jim's Coffee Shop has the diet menu to beat all diet menus. With seven days of multi-course, specially tailored meals to suit your low-carb, no-food diet needs, Jim's takes the cake and its calories. Wednesday's meal: shredded eggshell skin, one-half dozen poppy seeds, and bees' knees and mosquito knuckles sauteed in vinegar. Sunday splurge: pickled hummingbird tongue, prime ribs of tadpole, aroma of empty custard pie plate and tossed paprika and cloverleaf salad. Or you could just check out the real food menu, which has classics like PB&J, tots, egg salad and B'n'G, as well as fancy T-bone steaks and fried chicken. (Plus, Jim's opens at 7 a.m.)

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