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Two of the best dishes on Javier Andrade's menu are the Especial de Javier and the Especial de Javier 2. If you're going to put your name on something, that means you stand behind that thing ... just like it is. But Andrade knows that no matter how good one of his dishes might be, people's tastes differ. Rather than fight that, he embraces those differences and invites people to make his dishes to their liking by offering a salsa and extras bar. Escabeche, an onion-cilantro mix, jalapenos and radish slices are there to give a quesadilla a kick. If you like your burrito to have a little boom-bang, seven salsas are available. If you're the mild type, start with the red chip salsa on the far right. Things get hotter as you go left with tomatillo, chile de arbole and jalapeno salsa. Or sweat from every pore like a marathoner and swear like a sailor and ladle on the pure habanero salsa on the far left. It's going to hurt, but that's what the Dos Equis is for, right?

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