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We just keep gushing about Ignite Boise but damnit, we like to. As of press time, we're two Ignite Boise's in and the next event is Nov. 12. Don't know what it is? Then you're behind the ever-lovin' times, friend. Promoted solely on the Web, Ignite Boise's official mission is to get a bunch of thinkers in a room and spur more thinking (and hopefully some action somewhere along the way). Presenters get five minutes and 20 slides to talk about (almost) anything they want, from the locavore movement to the history of city planning to a fantastical bedtime story about the rock band The Eagles. We dig it because we learn something new with every slide. We dig it because it's free. We dig it because it encourages community and dialogue in a very avant-garde sort of way. We dig it because it's a force to be reckoned with.

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