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The whiz kids who run the Boise State College Republicans wanted to hype their upcoming speech by Canyon County xenophobe Robert Vasquez, so they seized on some chewy immigration imagery: Both a poster and Web site advertised, "Win dinner for two at a local Mexican restaurant! Climb through the hole in the fence and enter your false ID documents in the food stamp drawing!" The restaurant was Chapala's, a campus-area Mexican restaurant whose owner didn't think it was real funny. They even gave Boise State President Bob Kustra a chance to slap their wrists, in a letter to faculty and staff. "Unfortunately, a handful of students have engaged in offensive and insulting behavior," Kustra wrote. "I was shocked when I first heard what was on the flier and assumed they would take immediate steps to rectify the situation. That they have refused to do so, other than to apologize to a restaurant because they like to eat there, is unconscionable." Even that guy that used to be our senator, Larry Craig, weighed in on it, calling it "ill-advised." Ya think? But Jonathan Sawmiller, one of the leaders of the merry little band of young Republicans, said it was the Thought Police moving in on campus. "Any time we take a position on an issue, we're called racist, homophobic, or whatever the appropriate ad hominem attack is," he said. In this case, Jonny, the first term is probably the most useful one.

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