Best calling long distance to talk to someone six blocks away

Doug Martsch via Warner Brothers

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Built to Spill is often--dare we say always--mentioned any time a writer discusses bands that are important or influential in indie rock. They're well loved, and in some circles, having their name on a "bands I've seen live X number of times" list is akin to lists Deadheads were making in the late '60s. Built to Spill is internationally known--papers across the world ran stories when frontman Doug Martsch had eye surgery--and a busy lot, still touring regularly. In part because they're so popular and in part because Martsch is just such a nice guy, when the opportunity to interview him pops up, we jump at it. And even though he lives in Boise, we respect his privacy and don't laugh when a phone call that's technically only traveling six or eight blocks has to go through the powers that be at the band's label, Warner Bros. in L.A

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