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"Meet me at Gernika." That's something our freelancers, sources and co-workers hear more often than we'd care to admit. It's only two long blocks away from the BW offices, and it's unpretentious, totally Boise and the service is top-notch. Major stories have been born there, and we swear it's not because we were sipping too many Red Seal pints. Major staff moves have been initiated there, and we're pretty sure it wasn't because the job candidate agreed to pay for our croquetas fix. The interior, winter or summer, lends itself to candid conversation, with the brick walls and the small tables. The bar is a great place to watch the Gernika guys and gals whomp up some killer eats, delivered sizzling hot to your plate. No, you don't go there to impress someone or to have any sort of hard alcohol. If you want to watch the fun on Capitol Boulevard or the Basque Block, you can sit outside. For us, we take our business inside. It's closer to the taps and it's quieter. And if you're an ink-stained wretch, quietude and a nearby frosty one are two important ingredients in a good day.

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