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Tate's Rants on Craigslist

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Let us now sing the praises of Craigslist. Specifically, the mix of strange, horrible and sometimes wonderful stuff that pops up in "casual encounters," "missed connections" and, occasionally, "services." In our time-wasting perusals we've found a guy who'll clean your house in nothing but a T-shirt (you don't even have to pay him!), more than a few dubious massage services (beautiful staff and convenient to the airport!) and, in July, a little gem of a service called Tate's Rants. Run by two 20-something Boise guys, the mission of Tate's Rants is simple: people can "complain about each and every one of their ridiculous problems" because, of course, your friends and colleagues don't give a rat's ass how you feel, "they're aggressively thinking about if the ending to Breaking Bad could have just been a little better." One of the founders told us Tate's Rants was overwhelmed with responses to the Craiglist ad, so they set up a website at The Craigslist post is gone, but the site remains. Maybe they're still taking on clients? There's only one way to find out...

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