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10th St. Station remake

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"Going up, up, up in a puff of smoke / it ain't no joke." It really ain't. Boise Weekly has made its share of jokes about the Camel-coated haze that used to be as much a part of 10th Street Station as its popcorn machine, but we're done with that now. Granted, the city ordinance banning smoking indoors means smoke jokes about the subterranean saloon wouldn't make much sense. It's more than that, though. We have always loved 10th Street. Many an article idea has been sparked (and a deadline been missed) among the sports ephemera and low leather chairs. We love it all the more now with new owner Dan Krejci (former Dirt Fisherman bassist) behind the bar. His welcoming manner and genuine affability, both of which are also expressed by his servers, bring an energy to the place that's as fresh as the air--and the popcorn--inside. 104 N. 10th St., Boise, 208-344-2677.

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