Exqueeze us, what was that?

OK, OK, we know we're the ones who asked the questions in the first place, but even we weren't expecting these answers. Each year, Boise Weekly readers come all the way from left field to deliver some of the most amusing answers imaginable.

Silly us for thinking the questions would garner simple, straightforward answers. Our readers are nothing if not creative and here's a selection of some of our favorites:

Best Local Architectural Treasure

The Boise Capitol

The Boise Hole

Best Local Weatherperson

"That short guy."

"The guy with the mustache."

Best Local News Source

"Aint no sech thing in Boyzee."

"The retired cowboy at the end of the bar."

Best Place to See and Be Seen

"Skatepark bathrooms."

Best Local Politician

"Are you serious?"


"Your mom."

Best Local Television Anchor


"The blonde chick."

Best Place to Take a Non-Idahoan

"Back home."

"Back to where they came from."

"To the dick on Simplot's hill."

Best Local Bank

"Coffee can."

Best Local CD/Record Store

"People still pay for those?"

Best Local Karaoke

"Isn't karaoke dead?"

Best Local Strip Club

"None. Must at least have booze and boobs."

"Oh, hell no."

"The Bon Marche changing rooms."

Best Vegetarian Food


"You're sounding like my mother."

­—Deanna Darr

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