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When it comes to finding something to do with out-of-town friends or in-town friends who lead lives as busy as your own, it's tough to find an activity that meets everyone's schedules. Movies don't allow for conversation; preparing dinner is a lot of work and may leave the chef too drained to enjoy the company; dining out can be an expensive proposition (and lately one without as many choices in downtown Boise); drinks and dancing are great fun but only if you have nothing to do the next morning that can't be done with a hangover. One option for entertaining friends is meeting for breakfast, and one great place to meet is Poulet Rouge. They have an amazing selection of early-morning eats: fluffy omelets stuffed with fresh ingredients, potatoes which we have on good authority are some of the best in town, a myriad of meats and a cinnamon roll french toast dish that's to die for. They never seem to be in a hurry to push patrons out the door after a meal, so it's the perfect place to linger over a couple of mimosas, too.

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