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Every year, the BW staff places an unspoken moratorium on a couple of words that wear out their welcome during the course of the year. The word for 2009 cannot be used to describe the downtown bookstore (but here's a hint: it starts with a "stay" and ends with a "cation") but if you can't afford to leave town on a vacation, consider staying around and browsing through the selection. The locale is more than a place to settle in with a book and a beverage. Customers can listen to poetry readings, gaze at art on the walls and read about where in the world they want to visit next. The space, which has served as a bookstore for more than 130 years, has been reworked in its own special picture-frame-style arrangement, and now caters to a literary niche demographic, including travelers, art lovers and those who aren't afraid to keep it black and white while researching their next adventure until they can afford to actually go.

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