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It sounded like the ugly aftermath of a housewife gone mad in the kitchen: burnt ends and smashed potatoes. Nothing savory or sweet was conjured in the imaginations of hungry barbecue seekers by the combination of the words burnt and smashed, and that was their brilliance: They were decoys. It was the smell of the joint as soon as you walked into Eagle Rib Shack that gave away the secret, and after a few months, its cover was blown--ERS was the place for bone-gnawing, finger-sucking-good barbecue food. ERS became so popular, it changed its disguise, becoming Andrew's Rib Shack in Meridian. The disguise was too good, though, and its change of address was short-lived. These days, the rib shack lurks and cooks, catering to a select few who seek it out. We know where to find you, rib shack, and now all of our readers do, too.

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