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Those of us who spend time at the Boise Airport know the post-9/11 protocols in place outside are (searching for a description other than "a joke") friendly. An eternally vacant cop car sits down at the end of the arrivals area, and a line of stern signs command you not to park and wait for your passengers, but if you do, good luck finding a minion of The Man who cares enough to hassle you. But those who simply can't bear the thought of (gasp!) disobeying a sign, there's finally an alternative to the endless circling. Going by the confusing moniker of "Cell Phone Waiting Area"—are we waiting for Blackberries to fall out of the sky?—this small line of parking spots is hidden away from the facade of the airport proper by a 10-foot brick wall, on the off chance that someone decides to make blammo in their Hummer.

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