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Boise brewers joke about big beer, land in hot water

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After years of dipping thermometers in pints of domestic beer for our annual Coldest Beer issue, Boise Weekly decided to embrace the boom in quality local brews and transition away from rating the temperature of watery lagers. That said, we wanted to give Coldest Beer a celebratory send-off, so we got a group of Boise's best brewers together for a blind tasting of the same type of macrobeers we'd focused on for so long. The result was a lighthearted deconstruction of the minimal flavor profile of most mass-produced beers. We thought it was funny, the brewers thought it was funny and we thought everyone else would find it funny, too. We thought wrong. When it came time for the North American Beer Awards in June, a few local brewers received some unwelcome news in their email inboxes: They had been disinvited from judging at the awards because of comments they'd made about Big Beer in our article. While it's unclear exactly which macrobrewery took offense, using a super advanced system called "process of elimination," we're pretty sure we know who it was. We can't prove anything, and we don't want to give the brew bully any more attention, so we'll just say the whole thing confirmed we made the right decision and leave it at that.

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