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Some local bands gripe about Alive After Five lineup

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We here at BW love local music. We love everything about it. But it's like clockwork: As the Downtown Boise Association gets better at scoring great out-of-town acts to play at the Alive After Five concert series, we hear from disgruntled local musicians that the city has lost touch with its local tunesters. And we might feel your pain more if we didn't love to hear some good out-of-town music once in a while. And we might be bothered more if we didn't know we can listen to local greats at venues all over town, all the time. And if we get a chance to see The Gourds—for free—outside on a Wednesday night we're going to take it. Think about it this way: We'd be just as proud of one of our local groups playing a gig in say, downtown Portland, and would hope that Portlanders would appreciate them the way we do.

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