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Bianca at The Torch

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Listen, we're not trying to get anyone's panties in a bunch on this one, but this girl deserves some column inches for being good at what she does. First, a disclaimer: We didn't watch every dancer at every club in town to declare Bianca the best. Frankly, we didn't need to. Here's how it went down. BW teamed up with Fame15 for a night out on the town, whooping it up at a handful (if a handful is more than a dozen) stops on Bar Bar's ScaBARger Hunt. The original Torch was one of our stops, and being a group of women and two gay men, we were all very obviously trying to find the right balance between not looking at the dancers and not being obvious about not looking. As we sucked down the last of our drinks and prepared to split, Bianca took the stage looking like a voluptuous Texas beauty queen, and suddenly we were all watching. Even the former Las Vegan among us remarked, "I've seen a lot of strippers in my time, but she's amazing." She danced, she spun (and spun and spun), she did a winking trick with her backside. We were so impressed that we handed the two men some bills and ordered them to the stage to tip for us.

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