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Admittedly, we do think you're crazy. Having a bike where every rotation of the wheel means your pedals have to rotate too just might be asking for trouble, or at least a few barked shins. But, some of us here at BW ride fixed-gear bikes, and now these people can't imagine riding a bike where you just coast along, blithely unaware of what your pedals and wheels are doing. Yeah, it's an improbably geeky subset of bike geekdom, and we recognize that we're really plumbing the depths of subcultures here when we speak of this phenomenon. But we admit to thinking it's cool that Boise, where bikes do quite well, thanks to flat ground and lots of overly fit people, is seeing such a surge in fixie activity. You might expect this sort of thing in bike-obsessed cities like Portland, Ore., but you wouldn't expect to see it in a state as old-fashioned as Idaho.

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