Best, Best, Best Sangrias and Kalimotxos

Jaialdi 2015

Staff Pick

The most wonderful sangria in Boise popped up on a makeshift countertop outside Leku Ona during the last week in July and a few days into August. It sat, a mixture of several local wines and some hard alcohol, in a giant clear plastic vat with a ladle bobbing inside. For $4 or $5 (we ordered so many, we honestly lost track of the price), Jaialdi goers were given a 12-ounce plastic cup filled to the brim with the sweet purple concoction poured over a bit of ice, with a layer of fresh fruit floating on top. Orange slices, peaches, blueberries and raspberries made the drink look as healthy as a fruit salad, but we knew better. Of course, you couldn't call it a Basque festival if there wasn't plenty of kalimotxos available around the Basque Block. The simple mixture of red wine and cola wasn't as sweet as the sangria, but it still tasted just fine. Only five more years until the next Jaialdi.

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