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It's been said that the line between a little hair of the dog and a two-day booze bender is a fine one. But every once in a while, a bloody mary is the only thing that'll get you past noon on a Saturday after a hard night of partying the night before. And although this has happened to a friend of ours in Vegas but has definitely never happened to us, it's entirely possibly to accidentally let one bloody mary turn into two or three and before you know it ... the laundry isn't getting done and the lawn suddenly doesn't seem in such dire need of a mow. But if you're going to let the chores fall by the wayside, not just any bloody mary will do. Recently BW hosted a friendly competition to find a favorite bloody mary destination. Readers selected a total of four bars from a list of 15 participants, and during the first-ever Big LeBoise we held a showdown. Taking top place overall, as well as in the Bakon vodka and 44 North categories, was Piper Pub. Quinn's fought a hard battle for second place all around. Thanks for playing, guys. Now, go drink one off.

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